Prairie View Metra Station

The Prairie View Metra Train Station is the only station owned and maintained by a township. Other stations in the area are owned and operated by the villages in which they reside. 

The Prairie View Station parking lot currently has over 400 parking spaces available on a daily basis. With the addition of the second track, 200 new spaces were added on the East side of the tracks with the remaining 200 spaces on the West side of the station. 

Daily Parking

The current Daily Parking rate is currently $1.75 per day.

Commuters can also use a credit card, debit card or cash to pay for their daily parking. The automated pay station is located near the main building.

If you are unable to pay for parking before you board a train, you can pay by phone. Just call 877-727-5004 and reference Zone Number 831 for payment.

Commuter Parking Permits

The township offers annual, semi annual and quarterly parking permits. Permits are not required but offer commuters the convenience of not having to pay daily. Permit prices vary per time period. Permit spaces for Commuters are located in the parking lot located off of Main Street.

To apply for a permit, use the 2023 Commuter Parking Information and Application (PDF). You can also submit the permit application online. This application is solely for commuters using the Prairie View Metra Station. See below for the application for Stevenson students looking to park at the Prairie View Metra Station.

Stevenson Student Parking Permits

Stevenson High School Students with a parking pass can park at the Prairie View Metra Station. Daily parking for students is also available. (See above regarding Daily Parking.) 

The Stevenson parking permit spaces are located in the East parking lot, located off of Prairie Road and closest to Stevenson High School, so that students are not required to cross the train tracks.

To obtain a pass, complete and submit the online application. If you are unable to complete the online application, paper copies will be available at the township office. 

Once your form is submitted, a space will be reserved for you on a first come, first serve basis, by section, as assigned by the Township. Your reservation will be held until the end of business the next weekday, unless you contact the township office and arrange for a later pickup. (If you submit an application on the weekend or during a holiday, your spot will be assigned on the following business day and held until end of business the day after unless a later pickup date is requested.)  

If the parking pass has not been picked up and paid for by end of business the next day, nor has the township been contacted regarding arranging a later pickup date, the reserved spot will be forfeit and the student will be reassigned the next available space once the Township has been contacted.  

Payment can be made in cash, debit/credit card, or checks made payable to Vernon Township. All transactions must be made at the Township office as we are unable to take payment over the phone.