Summer Programs

We are excited to announce summer enrichment classes.  Due to COVID-19 we have been limited in the activities that we have been able to offer.  We have worked hard to provide a variety of activities for children to participate in.  Find out more about our summer programming in the 2020 Summer Program Guide (PDF).

All classes offered are at the beginner level and are intended to offer participants an opportunity to have fun, learn and return to a sense of normal social interaction.

Class topics for this summer include: Environmental Science, Dance, S.T.E.M., Athletic Conditioning, Story as Art and Yoga.  

We are also offering a Mini-Camp experience where children will get to experience three camp activities in a single session.  Children will hear a story, work on a craft related to the story and finally play a socially distanced game.  

Classes are for children aged 4-10, run for one hour and are offered in three two week sessions beginning June 29th and ending August 7th.  Friday Mini-Camp runs from July 10 through August 7th on Fridays for one hour each day.  

For more information, or to register for a summer program, please email or call Chris DePalma at (847) 634-6060.