Willow House

For over two decades Willow House has been providing free group support services for children, teens, families, schools and communities throughout Greater Chicago who are coping with and grieving the death of a loved one. Today the world is being challenged by the circumstances of these unprecedented times. We, here at Willow House, continue to support grieving families, even from afar:

  • Peer Support Groups available via Zoom for adult family members.
  • Expressive Arts Groups available through Zoom for all family members. These monthly groups are a hands-on experience for family members of all ages.
  • A full range of Consultation Services available for those who are looking for more in-depth information or support.
  • Willow House is creating weekly "Well-Being Wednesday" video vignettes that are shared on social media to provide tips on how to cope and lessen the anxiety in these times of uncertainty.
  • As always, Willow House continues to provide services at no cost to families.

We are now recognizing a new form of grief as it pertains to loss specific to COVID-19. This extended grief is a result of family members being denied the right to be beside their loved one in their final hour and having their loved one die in isolation. Furthermore, funeral services and religious observances are being postponed or canceled. Consequently, Willow House is now providing virtual groups for those that are grieving the death of a loved one from COVID-19. All Willow House Groups are facilitated by a Clinical Grief Support Specialist.

If you are experiencing grief and are in need of support please visit www.willowhouse.org for a full list of services or contact us via email at GriefSupport@WillowHouse.org or by phone at 847-236-9300.